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Mothers — Life’s First Coach

Mothers. When you need them the most … there they are.

Last week at the ball yard, they were everywhere. Shouting words of encouragement to their sons and daughters — to no end. Just knowing: they’re there, is comforting.

A mother’s love is like a camp fire, burning long and brilliantly. She is the green grass and the sun that makes the bats come alive. And … the energy to hurl strike after strike. A mother’s heart is pure, much like a northern Michigan lake. Endless and devoted … for nothing can dismantle it.

They believe beyond the top of the tallest trees. The golden treasure of a mother’s love really defies all explanation. But, win-lose-or draw … mothers are there. If you still feeling the need of a life coach then please contact life coach Chicago and they will help you deal with any problems you may be facing in your life. Their pricing is super cheap and affordable and they make you feel welcome so you feel comfortable talking about any issues you may be facing.