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What To Expect From A Spa Break

When many people think of spa weekends, thoughts of facials and massage sessions often come to mind. However, spa weekends aren’t only about getting facials and massages. Spa weekends are designed to help alleviate stress, elevate the mood, and even bring couples together. When you head to a spa for the weekend, you can expect to enjoy a few days booked with nothing but relaxing activities.


When you and your partner arrive at the spa, the first thing you must do is check-in. Checking into a spa is just like checking into a regular hotel. You must provide your name, as well as a valid ID, and credit card. Once you provide all of the information needed, you are then shown to your room. Rooms at spas are all about relaxation. Typically, calming colors, soft beds and sheets, and sometimes aromatherapy candles are provided in rooms. Robes and sandals may also be provided in rooms.


Most spas offer a general service menu. General services include massage sessions, manicures, pedicures, facials and body soaks. However, many spas also offer more. Certain spas may offer additional services such as acupuncture therapy, hydrotherapy, reflexology, and more. Any services you and your partner would like must be scheduled after you arrive at the spa.

Many spas offer services such as couples massage sessions. You can check with a spa employee to ensure this service is offered if you and your partner are interested.


Spas also offer additional services and amenities. Saunas, jacuzzis, pools, and gyms are all amenities offered at a wide selection of spas. While you may not find all of the services offered at a spa appealing, these amenities are designed to help you relax during your stay.

Drinks and Food

You can expect to have alcohol at most spas. Alcohol is often offered at spas to help promote relaxation, not to become intoxicated. Alcoholic beverages such as champagne are typically offered. However, not all spas offer alcohol. Non-alcoholic beverages such as water, juice, and tea are offered at spas, as well.

Spas typically offer light foods. During your stay, you can expect to eat healthy foods such as light finger foods, as well as other “spa foods.” When you want to have an actual meal, you should consider booking a reservation at a restaurant close by. Certain spas may offer restaurant services. However, these spas are typically part of luxury hotels.

When you go to a spa for the weekend, expect to relax. The key to a spa is to revitalize, de-stress, and relax the body. While certain services such as pedicures and manicures may not be exactly what you are looking for, most spas offer plenty of other services and amenities that will help you relax during your weekend away.